Happypress 4


Suitable for heat transfers, HTVtransfer paper and sublimation.

Whether you're starting or working on your small business, there's a HappyPress for everyone.

Choose from features such as colour, size and auto-open functions. Are you ready to take your heat pressing to the next level?

Available in Pink, White and Turqouise. 

The HappyPress 4 is far more than a regular DIY press. We have developed the first UK Heat Press that can control time, temperature and pressure!

This press is not only more stable and even more beautiful, you can now adapt it to your own needs, perfect for creating long-lasting quality products and handicrafts.
The basic model consists of a HappyPress 4 with draw function where the base plate can be pulled out forwards so that you can comfortably place your textiles and other DIY projects without the risk of burning your fingers.

Optionally, you can buy the auto-open function for both A4 and A3 sizes. The press opens automatically after the set time and you don't have to worry that something will happen to your textile, even if you are distracted.

Do you need something bigger for your projects? You can order your HappyPress directly with A3 plates in the size 40x30 cm.

Everything is described in detail in the operating instructions .

These are the new features of the HappyPress 4:

  • Even more robust thanks to a completely  new basic construction . Even more beautiful thanks to the new design.
  • Extendable base plate- This means 100% unobstructed view of the work surface and the heat stays away from the hands that place the motif and textile on the high-quality silicone pad.
  • Auto-open function- Optionally available when purchasing. Or simply expandable at a later date. The press opens automatically and independently after the set time has elapsed.
  • Two sizes- The right one for everyone. Available in A4 - 30x23cm and / or A3 - 30x42cm size. 
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